Our Services

Trusted for preventative treatment, oral surgery, and emergency care. 

From the first day your child receives a toothbrush to your husband’s urgent emergency pain, we are at your service every step of the way. 

Preventative Care
Full Mouth X-Rays
Oral Cancer Examination
Gum Health Evaluation

Athletic Mouthguard
Bruxism Treatment
Sleep Apnea / Snoring Treatment
Teeth Whitening
Clenching & Grinding Treatment
Fluoride Treatment

Emergency Dental Care
Broken Tooth
Dental Pain / Discomfort
Swollen Glands
Jaw Pain
Wisdom Tooth Removal

Oral Surgery
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Implants - Titanium
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Fillings - White
Children & Family
Preventative Care
Tooth Extraction
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Crowns & Bridges - Gold / Porcelain
Dentures - Partial / Full
"Gummy Smile" Treatment
Veneers - Composite / Porcelain
Teeth Whitening

Automobile Accident Liens

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We accept appointments by phone call. We recommend calling before walking-in to ensure we can fit you into our calendar for the day. We cannot guarantee appointments without prior notice. 

Call +1 (702) 240-4242
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